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The crane cabin: model "Professional" 

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Group of companies "Veris" offers you to purchase cabins of our production.

Our cabins are one of the best in Russia and CIS countries. They are ergonomic, comfortable and practical.

We are the only company in Russia that uses curved shapes and bent triplex glass, thereby improving visibility from the cabin and it’s more convenience for the operator of the crane.

The comfort and convenience of the operator, and the possibility of a good overview are many important factors. All conditions for this have been created In the cabin "Professional"

Due to the less fatigue of the crane’s operators, where cabin "Professional" by the "Veris" GC manufactured has been installed and they began to load and discharge products 10-20% more. For example, if your crane loaded 10 waggons, then after modernization and installation of our cabin, it will load 11-12 waggons in one shift. This is 20-40 waggons and additional sales and shipments per month!

1. Comfort

The lower front part of the cabin is radial, so the operator of the crane is able to comfortably position the legs. In most other cabs produced today in the world, crane’s operators sit close to the front glass, which leads to fatigue. The legs of the operator are bent and there is no possibility to straighten them.

2. Frontal visibility.

Also, due to the radial shape, the lower front part of the cabin, the operator of the crane can clearly see what is beneath it.

3. Lateral visibility.

The side part of the cabin has a deeper cutout, in comparison with standard cab models, so the crane operator has a very good view of the sides without tilting forward. When there are two or more cranes on the same track, a good side view allows you to quickly approach the neighboring crane without the risk of collision.

 4. Conspicuity.

For cranes located on the street very important factor for work is the weather condition. Due to the complex shape of the cabin, when rains or snows, the water drains more quickly from the panes, and the snow sticks less, which provides better visibility for the crane’s operator. We also closed the top of the cab to protect the operator of the crane from the sun, which blinds the eyes and heats up inside the cabin.

 5. Appearance.

For organizations operating bridge and gantry cranes, the appearance of equipment is an important factor. A modern enterprise where modern equipment is installed always shows a better impression than an enterprise with old equipment and it’s an additional positive criterion in choosing you as a supplier and an important strategic partner. The cabins of GC "Veris" are modern and their appearance will keep only a positive impression at the guests of your enterprise.

Standard size of the cabin of the model "Professional" (lwh): 2155 x 1540 x 2160 mm.

If you want, we will can to produce a cabin according to your overall dimensions

The cabins for cranes produced by GC "Veris" meet all modern requirements for safe operation.

You can fill out the application for the cabin in any form with contact details and technical requirements or fill out the form of the questionnaire and send it to us by e-mail:

Or contact us  +7 (4012) 507-937.


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